Autumn 2016

Hello! Thank you for visiting my website.

For several months, I have been in a process of deep quiet listening. I am asking, "How can I best serve-- in alignment with my sacred purpose?" Answers are to taking shape. 

This process has taken patience. At times, I have wanted it to speed up. I am trusting in divine timing.

For the time being, I am using this website. A new one is on its way. I look forward to sharing my new direction and new website with you. I also look forward to being of service to you.

I wish you well. 

with Loving, Taira Restar



ECSTATIC DANCE POINT REYES, Sunday mornings, Point Reyes Station, California.

Dance into well-being and experience Taira's movement ministry in this free-style Sunday morning dance church. Adults and families welcome. Offered weekly. 10AM-12PM. Held at The Church at Dance Palace community center in the coastal village of Point Reyes Station.

The times and schedule of Ecstatic Dance may be changing in November. Please check back here or visit my Ecstatic Dance Point Reyes Facebook page for updated information.


For more information on Ecstatic Dance Point Reyes, visit Calendar page. 



taira restarAre you a woman Change Maker?

Are you a coach, healer, educator, holistic practitioner, conscious parent, or wild eyed visionary? 
Do you struggle with over doing, over giving, burnout, lack of balance, lack of confidence, or feeling stuck? 
If you are like most women Change Makers, you have lots of tools, but you do not consistently apply these tools to your own self. Sound familiar? 
Hello! My name is Taira Restar. I help women Change Makers reclaim their true nature, so they can create lives they love. Shifting into rejuvenation, vitality, balance and confidence, they can BE the change!  
My passion is to provide you with tools to expand yourself and your business into magnificent well-being. Now is the time to tap into your ingenuity and to deeply rejuvenate, so you can be the change--within yourself and for our world!

Helping women Change Makers

make your changes

You have a gift to give to our world. I believe in you. And would be honored to support you. I help women Change Makers thrive in two specific areas of life by offering programs in each of these areas:

Yourself. Change starts at home--within yourself. I offer several workshops and programs to help you claim your true nature, tap into your genius and step into radiant well-being. 

Your Business. Are you a woman entrepreneur? Are you eager to grow your business or launch a new one? Step into Thriving Changepreneurâ„¢: Marketing & Mojo for Business Success, a creativity-based business program for whole-person learning.

You've been supporting others. Now it's your time! Can you feel it? Change is afoot!


I look forward to supporting you.  Feel free to contact me for more information.

with loving, Taira


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